Marry and make a woman happy OR

remain a bachelor and make several women happy!

A pregnant lady went to an astrologer.

Astrologer: When u delivers a baby, baby’s father will die.

Lady: Thank God! My husband is safe!

There are only 5 things we need in life:

Good friends,
Good job,
Good food,
Good sleep &
Good _UCK.

Whatever u are thinking… is right.

A cute Nurse came 4 the interview.

Doctor: What salary you expect?

Nurse: 10,000/-

Doctor was overjoyed & said: My Pleasure.

Nurse: With pleasure it’s 25,000/-

In order to get 100/100 in life,

a man requires 100% talent,

whereas a woman requires only 4% talent &

the remaining is only 36-24-36

Food for thought:

Why to suffer trying by all means to become rich,..

and wear expensive branded clothes,

when most beautiful things in life we do naked.

Q: Which boy has the permission to get into a girls’ bathroom and touch her anywhere she likes?

A: Lifebuoy.

A Guy picks up a girl for the date.

Why are you wearing your belt around your knee.?

Girl: I promised my mom that I wouldn’t let you touch me below my belt.