A man is walking home through a park one night after a fancy dress party.

While he is walking home he feels the need to shit so he crouches down on the grass and does his business.

Just as he is finishing his job, he sees a policeman walking towards him.

He covers the shit with his hat.

When the policeman arrives he asks the man,

“What have you go under there?”

The man replies,

“I just caught the fastest thing in the world.”

The policeman says,

“Let me have a look.”

The man replies,

“As I said, it’s the fastest thing in the world. If I take the hat off it it will get away.”

The policeman tells the man,

“Take the top hat off and as soon as you do I will catch it.”

The man replies,

“OK if you insist.”

When the man lifts the top hat the policeman tries to grab it and gets a handful of shit.

“What’s this?” he screams at the man.

“I told you it was the fastest thing in the world.”

the man replies,

“But you sure scared the shit out of it.”