3 guys go to hell, when they get there they meet the devil, who tells them there’s a way to get to heaven.

The Devil explains that behind 3 doors are tasks that they must each complete, in whatever order they want, to go to heaven.

Door 1 is a room with 10 (v)irg#in ladies, the task is to make them all org(@)#sm in 30 minutes.

Door 2 is a room with 3 lions, who they must punch to death.

Door 3 is a room with 2 be_er kegs, that they have to finish in an hour.

The first guy, a well endowed gentleman, confidently chooses door 1 first.

After 30 minutes he didn’t even make one org(@)#sm and gets sent to burn in hell.

The second guy, a former circus worker, chooses door 2 first, hoping to be able to use his skills to punch the lions to death.

After 10 minutes he comes out, bleeding and saying I can’t do it… he goes to hell.

The last guy, a bum who is an alcoholic, chooses to start with door 3.

Not even 30 minutes he comes out smiling, drunk like a skunk but completely finished the kegs.

Then he goes to door 2… at a distance you can hear roaring and moaning, louder and louder by the minute.

Eventually he comes back out with a big smile on his face, and asks the devil “burp now where are them bitches I gotta punch to death?”.