Following Kanjibhai’s physical examination,..

Dr. Jayesh Shah sent his patient a bill.

A month went by without a remittance,..

so the office sent a reminder letter, then another bill, and then another reminder letter,..

and then another, but no payment came.

Finally the Doctor sent Kanjibhai a pathetic letter,..

claiming desperately strained circumstances and enclosing a snapshot of his infant daughter.

On the back of the snapshot he wrote,..

“The reason I desperately need the money you owe me!”

Barely a week later, a response from Kanjibhai arrived in the mail.

Dr. Jayesh Shah ripped it open eagerly,..

and found himself holding a picture of a woman in a full length heavily embroidered saree.

On the back of the photograph the Kanjibhai had scrawled, “The reason I can’t pay!”