A guy and his wife went to an expensive golf course.

He said to his wife, “Be careful of the expensive houses around us. I don’t know if we can afford to break a window.”

His wife tees off and breaks the biggest window of the most expensive looking house.

He said, “Oh no! We had better go ask how much it’s gonna be.”

So he and his wife go up to the house and see the door open.

They went inside and saw the golf ball lying next to a broken glass bottle.

A man walks up and says, “Thank you!”

The husband said, “I’m sorry about the…”

And the man interrupts, “Oh don’t worry about the window. I have to thank you for getting me out of the bottle. You see, I’m a genie. So you get one wish and your wife gets one, but, in return, you have to give me one.”

The husband asks for $100 million.

The genie says, “Done.”

The wife asks for 80 exotic sports cars.

Genie says, “Done.”

“Now, my wish is to have relation with your wife because, you know, I’ve been trapped in that bottle for so long.”

They agreed since their extravagant wishes had been granted.

And so the genie had relation with the man’s wife, not just once but many times.

When they’re done, the genie asks the wife, “How old is your husband?”

She answers, “33.”

And, the man said, “And he still believes in genies?”