Marriage is an exciting part of our life.

The vows we made on our wedding days really did mean the world to us, and we thought the blessed joy of matrimony would never die.

However, once we are married, that thrill does dip – let’s be honest about it!

The hilarious joke below makes this truth perfectly clear!

Husband: At last! I can hardly wait!

Wife: Do you want me to leave?

Husband: No! Don’t even think that.

Wife: Do you love me?

Husband: Of course! Always have and always will!

Wife: Have you ever cheated on me?

Husband: No! Why are you even asking?

Wife: Will you kiss me?

Husband: Every chance I get!

Wife: Will you hit me?

Husband: Hell no! Are you crazy?!

Wife: Can I trust you?

Husband: Yes.

Wife: Oh my Darling!

This was BEFORE the wedding.

To see what happens AFTER the wedding, read again from end (bottom) to start (top).