An Elderly couple… sitting down

watching television when the commercials come on,

the husband smiles at his wife and says,

“I would love some ice cream right now.”

His wife says, “me too! What do you want, I’ll go get it.”

Husband: “I’d like to have 2 scoops of vanilla with

chocolate and caramel syrup whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Wait, let me write that down for you so you don’t forget.”

Wife: “You don’t have to write anything down, I’m not old like you.

I’ll remember and bring it back in a few minutes.”

After a while, the wife comes back with a tray and proudly boasts,

“I remembered everything you asked for, I’ve got eggs, sunny side up, bacon and orange juice.”

Sighing heavily with his hand on his head, the husband says,

“No you didn’t! You forgot the toast!!”