A young man stood at the side of the road and hailed a taxi.

When he got in, the driver said, “Well, that was perfect timing. You’re a lot like Frank.”

The passenger asked: “Who is Frank?”

The taxi driver explained: “Frank Feldman. He also had perfect timing and was always there at just the right moment.

Just like you hailing a taxi right at the moment I was driving by. Frank Feldman always had that kind of perfect timing.”

Passenger: “Ok, but nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes mistakes once in a while.”

Taxi driver: “No, no, not Frank Feldman! He was great at everything, sports too.

If he’d played tennis, he probably would have won Wimbledon. He would have blown pro golfers out of the water too.

He could even sing like Pavarotti and dance like Michael Jackson. And you should have heard him play piano! What a guy!”

Passenger: “Hmmm. This Frank Feldman sounds like a very talented man.”

Taxi driver: “But wait! That’s not everything. He had a photographic memory and never forgot a birthday.

He knew everything there is to know about fine wine and gourmet food. And he was a real handyman and could fix anything!

When I try to replace a light bulb, the power goes out on the whole block. That would never have happened to Frank. He did everything just right!”

Passenger: “Wow! This Frank guy was amazing.”

Taxi driver: “He never got caught in a traffic jam and knew every shortcut.

I, on the other hand, am completely clueless. Frank never made a mistake. He really knew how to treat a woman.

He was a man of few words, but when he said something is was like poetry. And he was stylish, always well-dressed. His shoes were always perfectly shined until they gleamed in the light.

Basically he was the perfect man. Never made a single mistake. There was no other man on this earth that even came close to him.”

Passenger: “That’s really impressive. Where did you meet him?”

Taxi driver: “Meet him? I never knew the guy. But I’m married to his widow and this is what I hear about him every day!”